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Vietnamese historical Association
Websites : http://www.truclamyentu.info; http://www.quansuvn.info
email: truclamyentu1@truclamyentu.info

The 23nd Appeal_ Vietnamese historical Association in European Union Annual Report 2013 (EN Version).

European Union, December 27, 2013,
Annual Report 2013 to:

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General
-              Mr. Barack Obama, United States President
-              United States Parliament Chairman, United States State Department
-              European Union Chairman; European Parliament Chairman
-              Mrs. NavanethemPillay, The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights 8-14, avenue de la Paix, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland, email: wgad@ohchr.org, InfoDesk@ohchr.org
-              Mr. Lewis Gordon, Director, The Environmental Defender Law Center – EDLC, 407 W. Koch St., Bozeman, MT 59715, USA email: info@edlc.org
-              Human Rights Organization (Amnesty International, HRW, RSF, Freedom House, BPSOS, Vietnam Human Rights Network)
-              International Media agencies
-              Vietnamese Overseas communities
-              International Broadcasting  agencies (RFA, VOA, BBC, RFI ...)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Foreword: The human rights situation in Vietnam is worsening, in three domains which are human trafficking, human rights, and religion rights. Those are unacceptable crimes, in which the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Vietnamese Communist party, currently as new member of the United Nations Human Right Council are the perpetrators. The facts are compiled, presented and distributed by the Vietnamese historical Association in European Union. This appeal is quoted and revised from The 22nd Appeal Letter Calling for the United Nations to Establish the International Criminal Tribunal for Viet Nam.


I/ First Crime: Human Trafficking of Vietnamese to Foreign Countries for Labor and Sexual Slavery:

For lacking the skills for the handling of the economy apparatus, the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam resorts to export Vietnamese labor to foreign country in order to maintain the survival of the regime and its corruption apparatus. It is worthwhile noting that Vietnam is a one party dictatorship, meaning the governmental authority and the Communist party is one entity. Above all, the Vietnamese Communist party directs and controls the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The individuals sold out to foreign countries for labor slavery and sexual slavery include men, women and children.

The victims are duped by consulting firms working in Vietnam and by criminal mafia groups with the collusion of local authorities and various Vietnamese Communist embassies in foreign countries.

According to report of human trafficking in 2013 of the State Department of the United States, Vietnam ranks second among countries that need to be monitor in this issue. Although the Vietnamese Communists appear to make efforts to curtail the problem, in reality the problem continues to deteriorate at rapid pace.

The reason for this deterioration stems for the corruption plague that envelops the whole country. This corruption plague is the way the national assets are plundered from central level to local levels. The Communist cadres collude in order to survive. The national assets must be understood to also include the Vietnamese male and female population, besides the economy and lands, etc.

Vietnam ranks 15th in the list of numbers of people living in a slavery condition and ranks 64th, in terms of percentage of people forced to slavery over the entire population.

According to BPSOS organization, in its account about human trafficking in Vietnam (October 2013), the undertaking has closed tied with governmental authorities.

The number of Vietnamese sold out to foreign countries for slavery is over 1 million persons; the number of those sold in the country amount to around 400 thousand according to an estimate by Dr. Nguyen dinhThang, executive director of CAMSA and BPSOS (1, 2, 3).

II/ Second Crime: Imprisonment until Death of Political Prisoners and Continuous Imprisonment of Political Prisoners after Death:

A/ Maltreatment, Lengthy Imprisonment until Death of Political Prisoners and Conscientious Objectors:

1/ Imprisonment until death of political prisoner Bui dang Thuy (Photo from danlambaovn):

bùi đăng thủy, không quân việt nam cộng hòa

Bui dang Thuy was a VNAF officer. After April 30, 1975 he joined Chua Thap Chapter of the People Activists Party to promote human rights in Vietnam. He was caught with several other persons, and was condemned to 18 year imprisonment. He died in prison on November 24, 2013 after suffering untreated tuberculosis for 17 years. He died before his sentencing term, shied of 1 year (18).After his death, the camp authority continued to imprison political prisoner Bui dang Thuy’s corpse and won’t allow to his family to bury him.

2/ Imprisonment until death of political prisoner Truong van Suong:

trương văn sương

Political prisoner Truong van Suong (? – 2011) 68 years old, was a former ARVN Lieutenant, of My Tu sector, Ba Xuyen. He was condemned to 33 years of imprisonment for political reason.

He was temporarily released to his home in SocTrang in order to take care of his illness on July 14, 12010.

On August 19, 2011 he was imprisoned again at Nam Ha prison although he illness was not cured. And on September 21, 2011 he passed away under dubious cause in Nam Ha prison (19). After his death, the camp authority continued to imprison political prisoner Truong Van Suong’s corpse and won’t allow to his family to bury him.

3/ Imprisonment until death of political prisoner Nguyen van Trai:

nguyễn văn trại

Nguyen van Trai was detained by the Vietnamese Communists in 1996, and was sentenced to 15 year of imprisonment for participating in political organizations that demanded Freedom-Democracy for Vietnam. When felt ill, he had only 5 more months and would be a free man.

Political prisoner Nguyen van Trai died of cancer at 10:30 a.m. on July 11, in Z30A prison – Xuan Loc Dong Nai, at the age of 74 years old.

After his pass away, his family asked for his remain for burial. The Communist Security answered: “Nguyen van Trai is a political prisoner, not a human being”. (5, 6) After his death, the camp authority continued to imprison political prisoner Nguyen van Trai’s corpse and won’t allow to his family to bury him.

B2/ Political Prisoners of the century (still alive, but of extremely poor health condition):

1/ Political prisoner Nguyen huu Cau:

nguyễn hữu cầu

He was a former officer of the ARVN, known by the name of QuangKien, born in 1945, originated from Rach Gia KieGiang Province. He was a poet, musical composer of songs. In April 1975, he was imprisoned by the army of the Vietnamese Communists until 1980.

Released the first time, he witnessed the communist society was progressing in more and more injustice, oppression, death and corruption. He continued to write poems, and composed many songs to express his personal feelings, and record proofs of abuse of power and evil acts.

On May 19, 1983, the Kien Giang lower court slapped him with a death sentence for “causing damages”. His family, in particular his mother, vehemently protested. Finally, on May 25 1955, the higher court transmuted the death sentence to permanent imprisonment.

On March 28, 2013, the International PEN CODEP/WIPC voiced deep concern about his health condition that has been deteriorating. This organization demanded immediate and unconditional freedom for Nguyen Huu Cau. The International Pen invoked humanity ground because Nguyen Huu Cau risked dying in prison if he was not taken to a hospital for emergency treatment and be free to receive appropriated medical care. The International Pen also stressed that while in imprisoning Nguyen Huu Cau, the Communist government violated undeniably Article 19 of the International Law pertaining to Civil and Political Rights the it has signed (8)

2/ Political prisoner Tran Tu:

trần tư

Tran Tu was born on January 20, 1941 in a Catholic family at Phu Cam village, Thuy Truong hamlet, HuongThuy district, ThuaThien province (PhuocVinh), Hue City.

In 1990, he re-entered the country in the role of a charitable volunteer and created and developed the Inter Party Revolutionary Group of Vietnam. He went back in 1993 a second time to consolidate the organization and develop the infrastructure of his Party as well as to promote the new struggle trend in the world situation that was presenting positive changes, in particular the total collapse of the Communist countries in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately not long after his return to Saigon he was caught and was sentenced by the Vietnamese Communist court with an imprisonment for life for fomenting to topple down the government.

The condition in the prison is extremely severe; left hungry and thirsty continuously, with the lack of medicine to cure illness, living in extreme weather conditions, core of prisoners perished. Until these days he has reached over his 72 years of age with nearly 20 years of imprisonment. (9)

III/ Repression of Religion Rights ever Mounting and Increasing in Ferocity Throughout Many Years in the hands of Tran daiQuang and the Security Police:

1/ Note: this repression of human rights does not limit toward individuals having dissenting political views and has expanded to all elements of the society and public arena. In other words, any Vietnamese citizen can become a victim of the current authority of the Vietnamese Communist regime.

2/ The Vietnamese Communist security police has not spared any means, from arrestation without trial, to barbarian torture, to illegal seizure of assets, to group rape, death induced injection (on the streets as well as in prison camps). The current Vietnam has become hell on earth with small and big prison camps under the regime of the Vietnamese Communist.

3/ The people directly responsible for this situation are Truong tan Sang, Chairman of the States, General Tran dai Quang, Minister of Security Police.

In 2013, we record over 90 different facts related to human rights in and outside the country, as following:


1/ 01-01-2013 HoaHao Buddhism enacted a proclamation protesting security forces’ repression under various forms at Lien Tri Pagoda, when Venerable Thich Khong Tanh organized Christmas gift distribution to ARVN wounded soldiers.

2/  01-04-2013Blogger Nguyen Hoang Vi denounced being humiliated and beaten by the security police. Nguyen Hoang Vi, alias blogger An Do Nguyen, was dragged to the local police force precinct of Nguyen Cu Trinh, District 1 when he wanted to attend the court proceeding that prosecuted the three bloggers, Nguyen Van Hai, Ta Phong Tan and PhanThanh Hai at the Saigon people’s cout on 12/28/2012. According to his testimony, he was treated badly by the security police; he was stripped naked, videotaped, beaten, inspected at private parts, etc. -

3/ On 01/04/2013, lawyer Le Quoc Quan, a democratic and human rights activist, was imprisoned on December 27, 2012. He is currently under hunger strike to protest his illegal detention - http://www.rfa.org/vietnamese/in_depth/le-quoc-quan-on-hunger-strike-01042013141442.html

4/ 01-06-2013, Vinh City’s People Court prosecuted 14 Catholic Youths comprising: Hồ Đức Hòa, Đặng Xuân Diệu, Lê Sơn, Nguyễn Đặng Minh Mẫn, Nguyễn Đình Cương, Nguyễn Văn Duyệt, Nguyễn Văn Oai, Nông Hùng Anh, Nguyễn Xuân Anh, Hồ Văn Oanh, Thái Văn Dung, Trần Minh Nhật, Nguyễn Đặng Vĩnh Phúc and Đặng Ngọc Minh. The security police caused difficulties to the participants to the court such confiscating phones, beating, detention, although the court was announced to be “public”. On this day, the security police force was beefed up as if for war preparation –

6/ The security police invaded engineer Le anh Hung and threw him into a psychiatric ward –

7/ 02-05-2013, the security police was forced to release Le anh Hung from the psychiatric ward after 10 days of detention without cause. The reason for his arrest was that he accused NongducManh Nguyen minh Triet, Nguyen tan Dung  and Hoang trung Hai for treason and selling the country to China -
http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_leanhhung/le-anh-hung_duoc-tu-do-ngay-05-02-2013.htm; http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_nguoidankhieukien/thutocaocacongmanh_dung_hai.htm

8/ On 03-07-2013, news from Tap Hop Vi Nen Dan Chu alerted Doctor Nguyen Dan Que – 104/20 Nguyen Trai – P3 – Q5 – Saigon was cordoned by the security police; all 4 avenues leading to the house was closed - - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_tintucthoisuvn/khan-bao-ve-tinh-trang-an-ninh-cua-bs-nguyen-dan-que.htm

9/ 03-07-2013, Protest letter of Group 8406: accusing and protesting the so-called “referendum” on the constitution showing the duplicity and the oppression of the population by the party and government of the Vietnamese Communists - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_tintucthoisuvn/khang-thu-khoi-8406.htm; France 2 Radio broadcasted a special edition on Vietnamese women being sold in China - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_tintucthoisuvn/phong-su-dac-biet.htm

10/ 03-08-2013, Hoa Hao Buddhism publicized a protest letter denouncing the Vietnamese Communist authority is not allowing the celebration of Founder Duc Huynh’s birthday - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_tintucthoisuvn/pghh_khang-thu-ngay-08-03-2013.htm

11/ 04-01-2013, HoaHao Buddhism published a press release alerting the Vietnamese Communist authority is going to utilize terrorist measures on its followers in the 66th Anniversary of the its institution - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_tintucthoisuvn/pghh_thong-bach01042013.htm

12/ 04-02-2013, the Hai Phong court sentenced Doan Van Vuon 5 years of imprisonment, Doan Van Quy 5 years of imprisonment, Doan Van Sinh 3 years 6 months of suspended prison, Doan Van Ve 2 years of imprisonment, Pham ThiBau alias Hien, Doan Van Quy’s wife 18 months of suspended prison, Nguyen Thithuong, Doan Van Vuon’s wife, 15 months of suspendedprison –
- http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_trang_nguyen-thu-tram8406/ntt_cong-ly-nao-cho-van-vuon-van-quy.htm

13/ 04-09-2013, Mrs Nguyen thi Kim Nhieu wrote a letter protesting against the PhuCuong Committee about the Thu Dau Mot’s 21st Century  - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_nguoidankhieukien/don-09042013-tiep-tuc-to-cao-phuong-phu-cuong.htm

14/ 04-17-2013, RFA broadcasted in English concerning the unjust sentencing of the 14 Catholic Youths in Vinh City - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_tintucthoisuvn/authorities-in-vn-accused-of-mja.htm

15/ 04-17-2013, the Vietnamese authorities accused of maltreatment against activist prisoners - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_tintucthoisuvn/vn-accusees-de-mauvais-traitement.htm

16/ 05-29-2013, Blogger Truong duy Nhat was arrested by the security police - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_blogs/ai-chi-dao-bat-truong-duy-nhat.htm

17/ On 05-01-2013, Freedom House announced Vietnamese Communist regime was placed back into the list of countries lacking freedom press - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_tintucthoisuvn/viet-cong-tro-lai-danh-sach-o-co-tu-do-bao-chi.htm

18/ FIDH called EU to cease free trading negotiation with Vietnam to evaluate the action toward labor population in the country and toward the risk about human rights violation - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_tintucthoisuvn/fidh_keu-goi-lien-au-ngung-thuong-thuyet-mau-dich-voi-vc.htm

19/ On 05-06-2013, security policeof  P. Phu Thanh, Q. Tan Phu assaulted Nguyen Hoang Vi. The event occurred after Hoang Vi’s family went to P. Tan Phu to reclaim assets that the security police confiscated from her on 05-05. In revenge, the entire police of P. Phu Thanh, Q. Tan Phu assaulted Hoang Vi.

nguyễn thảo chi

nguyễn hoàng vi

nguyễn thị cúc

On 05-05 Vu Quoc Anh( blogger August Anh ) was also beaten savagely. The security police used electric rod on his back leaving a burn mark and caused pain until to this date.

vũ quốc anh


20/ On 05-16-2013, at Long An Province’s People Court, in Tan An City, there was a court session prosecuting “in public” two patriotic students Nguyen Phuong Uyen and Dinh Nguyen Kha accused of “propaganda against the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam”. Trial ended with the sentence this afternoon for Kha Dinh Nguyen is 10 years in prison and 3 years’ probation with Nguyen Phuong Uyen is 6 years in prison and 3 years’ probation - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_trang_dang-huy-van/dhv_phuong-uyen_nguyen-kha.htm 

21 / 05-21-2013, Hoa Hao Buddhism filed a lawsuit against Thich Thien-Hue about writing his graduation dissertation with content violating freedom of religious beliefs, insulting the honor and dignity pontiff Hoa Hao, distorting the teachings of Hoa Hao doctrine and and slandering the entire HoaHao followers, as approved by the Executive Council of the Academy Class IV belonging to the Vietnam Buddhist University in Saigon - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/pghh_khoi-kien-thich-thien-hue.htm,

22/ On 06-04-2013, the family of Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu7 sent a letter asking for help to alert the critical condition Of Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu whose hunger strike had reached the 9th day - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/thu-vien-bo-de_gia-dinh-cu-huy-ha-vu-keu-cuu-khan-cap.htm

23/ On 06-09-2013, Australia took to the streets to gather signatures for the freedom restitution of Nguyen Phuong Uyen and DinhnguyenKha - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_uc-chau-xuong-duong-xin-chu-ky-cho-phuong-uyen.htm

24/ On 06-10-2013, Group 8406 distributed a protest letter against the Vietnamese Communist government’s repression of prisoners of conscience and patriotic citizens demonstrating agains China aggression - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_khang-thu-cua-khoi-8406.htm

25/ 06-13-2013, the police proceeded to cordon the private house of blogger Pham viet Dao located at 460 ThuyKhue, P. Buoi (TâyHồ, HN) in order for a force to arrest Pham Viet Dao and execute a search warrant for his place - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_cnt_bat-thuong-vu-bat-pham-viet-dao.htm

26/ 06-17-2013, lawyer Duong Ha sent a letter calling for urgent help the second time regarding prisoner of conscience Chu Huy Ha Vu’s hunger strike - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ls-duong-ha-to-cao-ha-noi-boi-nho-viec-tuyet-thuc-cua-chhv.htm

27/ On 06-30 at Xuan Loc prison camp Z30A, belonging to 8th General Directorate Security Police, in Xuan Loc (Dong Nai), the political prisoners fought the prison warden to protest harsh detention conditions and mistreatment of prisoners. Afterwards, the protested prisoners were transferred to another camp and separated from each other. Among them was political prisoner Tran huynDuyThuc - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_tu-nhan-noi-day-o-z30a-xuan-loc.htm

28/ On 06-30-2013, the lawyer commented that “Le QuocQuan’s case” although qualified as “Tax Evasion” (allegedly by the investigative police and procuracy  based on Article 161 BLHS) was de facto of political nature- http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_tu-nhan-noi-day-o-z30a-xuan-loc.htm

29/ Blogger MAI DAY HOA DINH Nguyen huynh Mai sent an open letter to the Vietnamese Communist authority calling for the release of prisoners of conscience Le QuocQuan, former ARVN Captain  Nguyen huu Cau who is century lasting prisoner and prisoners of conscience of other religions. Blogger Mai Day Hoa Binh confirmed that the release of all prisoners of conscience and political prisoners is the expression of goodwill of the authorities who wanted to join TPP - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_thu-ngo-goi-nha-cam-quyen-xhcnvn.htm

30/ On 37-14-2013 Hoa Hao Buddhism publicized a report about the prayer gathering blessing Cao Dai Religion dignitaries - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ban-tin-pghh-16-07-2013.htm

31/ Letter (narrated on 07-16-2013) of Dieu Cay Nguyen van Hai’s son addressed to Parents, Grand Parents, Uncles, Aunts and every concern people. The content related to blogger Nguyen van Hai’s hunger strike lasting already 25 days. Writer Nguyen xuanNghia who was imprisoned with Dieu cay Nguyen van Hai notified (through Mrs. Nga, NXNghia’s wife) about Hai’s hunger strike as such and was repressed and beaten by the security police - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_thu-goi-moi-nguoi-quan-tam.htm,

32/ On 07-23-2013, the press release of the People’s Democratic Party communicated that Dieu cay Ngyen van Hai’s hunger strike has reached the 32nd day to protest the harsh detention and wrong policy of 3 month solitary confinement of the Vietnam prison system. The purpose of the hunger strike wa to denounce the illegal decision of the Warden Prison No. 6 Thanh Chuong, Nghe An in coercing inmate confessions - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ddcnd_tinh-trang-tuyet-thuc-cua-dieu-cay.htm

33/ 07-25-2013, Facebook members such as Duong Doi Soi Da, Pk LPD, Lanney Tran, Nguyen Thien Thanh, called to join Dieu cay Nguyen van Hai in hunger strike on 07-28-2013 - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_dong-hanh-tuyet-thuc-cung-dieu-cay-nguyen-van-hai.htm

34/ 07-27-2013, Dieu cay Nguyen van Hai stopped his hunger strike after cadres of Nghe An People’s Procuracy came to meet with him and resolved his complaint of solitary confinement that he had sent them a while ago - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_dieu-cay-ngung-tuyet-thuc.htm

35/ 07-2013, petition of BPSOS supporting Vietnam Human Rights Act and ejecting Vietnam from TPP - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_bpsos_ung-ho-luat-nhan-quyen-cho-vn.htm Link signatures claiming ejection of Vietnam from TPP - http://tiny.cc/TPP

36/ Dieu cay Nguyen Hai’ hunger strike reached the 39th day - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_chung-ta-can-lam-gi-khan-cap-cho-dieu-cay.htm

37/ 07-31-2013, pastor Nguyen trung Ton voiced about the cruel treatment in the Vietnamese Communist prisons; he noticed an increase in repression, beatings and harsh treatment of prison camp toward prisoners in Vietnam, in particular against political prisoners - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/nguyen-trung-ton_vu-dai-phong-gop-phan-thoi-lua.htm,

38/ In the article, I Go Demonstrating with Mother, of writer Dang huy Van, there is this following excerpt: “Writer ThuyLinh, one among over 20 protesters arrested to camp Loc Ha on 6/2/2013 morning, writes: “in camp Loc Ha this time, I befriend intimately with a protester named little Phu, merely 5 months old accompanying his mother named Nga in demonstration. Asked why drag such a little boy with you? She answers: “It is better this way because the security police always surrounds the house looking to cause trouble… Mother and child have to resort to going everywhere on backpack!” - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_con-di-bieu-tinh-cung-me.htm,

39/ 07-31-2013, the American Congress passed the Vietnam Human Rights Act - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ha-vien-my-thong-qua-luat-nhan-quyen-cho-vn.htm

40/ 08-01-2013, the Vietnam Human Rights Act (HR 1897) passed the American Congress with 405 pro, 3 con - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ms_luat-nhan-quyen-vn-thong-qua-405thuan-3chong.htm

41/ August 2, 2013, applauds the Passage of Vietnam Human Rights Act on the Heels of Vietnamese President's U.S. Visit - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ms_applauds-the-passage-of-vhr-act.htm

42/ 08-03-2013, VRNs reported the authorities of Vinh Long continued to threaten the HoaHao believers - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_pghh_nha-cam-quyen-vl-tiep-tuc-de-doa-tin-huu-pghh.htm

43/ 08-04-2013, BPSOS begins the campaign urging the Senate to pass the Vietnam Human Rights Act - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_bpsos_van-dong-thuong-vien-luat-nhan-quyen-cho-vn.htm

44/ 08-05-2013, Special Document: the exchange between son and father Blogger Dieu Cay – On 05.23, the political prisoners at this camp have a proposal requesting the prison camp to resolve some activities and custodial condition to conform with the laws, because, currently the father is imprisoned with a life sentence, which is not conformed with Article 27 paragraph 1 point a point b… On 07.16 I visited you; on 07.17, uncle Nghia publicized this news and in the evening of 19th, he was chastised for telling the truth. On the 20th, I returned for a second visit; not until 07.22, they installed a TV in your room,  before that there was no TV in the room - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_cuoc-dam-thoai-giua-hai-bo-con-dieu-cay.htm

45/ 08-05-2013, Vietnamese religious  dignitaries voiced their view that Human Rights in Vietnam continued to be violated after the state visit of Truong tan Sang to the USA - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ban-len-tieng-cua-cac-chuc-sac-ton-giao-vn.htm

46/ Declaration Group 258 was born, and is considered as the first foundation in the struggle for human rights in Vietnam when it brought this declaration to international human rights groups and attacked directly article 258 of the penal code - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_blogdanlambao/tvbd_dlb_tuyen-bo-258.htm

47/ 08-14-2013, pastor Nguyen trung Ton praised the patriotism of student Nguyen Phuong Uyen - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ntt_nguyen-phuong-uyen-chinh-la-nguoi-yeu-nuoc.htm  

48/ 08-14-2013, Mrs. Hoang Thi Tuoi, visited her husband at prison camp Nam Ha as determined by vistor’s schedule. He was prisoner of conscience Vi Duc Hoi. She learned that husband had been disciplined and put in 6 month solitary confinement, because he was protesting the prison security staff broke Le Van Son’s leg. This latter was one among the 14 Catholic Youths being held at prison camp Nam Ha - http://www.rfa.org/vietnamese/vietnamnews/pris-viduchoi-soli-confir-08142013124525.html


vi đức hồi, human rights watch, hellman, hammett

49/ 08-16-2013, in the trial court examining student Nguyen phuong Uyen, the Vietnamese Communists were forced to free NPUyen immediately on the spot because of international pressure, and because they were preparing for election to the United Nations Human Rights Council - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ntt_csvn-da-phai-cui-dau.htm

50/ 08-23-2013, the article “Is there a safe place for democratic activist Pham ngoc Thach?” reminded that prisoner of conscience and democratic activist Pham ngocThanh was merciless targeted by the Vietnames Communist authorities - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ntt_co-con-chon-nao-dung-than-cho-nha-dan-chu-pham-ngoc-thach.htm

phạm ngọc thạch

Mr. Phạm-ngọc-Thạch

51/ 09-06-2013, Bishop of Vinh diocese (Paul Nguyen thai Hop)’s pastoral letter called for communion with My Yen parish: “I join with XaDoai diocese’s notice in condemning vehemently the inhuman treatment and violent action of the authority. At the same time, I urge you to pray, to make sacrifice as well as to show concrete actions demonstrating communion with My Yen parish and solidarity with victims of violence - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_thu-chung-cua-duc-giam-muc-vinh-keu-goi-hiep-thong-voi-gp-my-yen.htm   

52/ 09-11-2013, after shooting and wounding for officers of the Thai Binh City’s Funds Land Development Center, Dang ngoc Viet committed suicide at the foot of Quan Yin statue to protest the injustice in compensation for land appropriated by this center http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/ptpnvnhdcn_thuong-tiec-anh-hung-dang-ngoc-viet.htm

đặng ngọc viết

Mr. Đặng-ngọc-Viết

53/ 09-11-2013, Ngo Hao (alias Trung hieu Dao) was sentenced to 15 years in prison and 5 years in probation for having published articles promoting freedom human rights and a list of religious prisoners of HoaHao Buddhist Church addressed to the United Nations through the global information system -

ngô hào

Blogger Ngô-Hào


54/ 09-12-2013, lawyer Le QuocQuan was honored by French Magazine Le NouvelObservateur, in a series of special documents about 50 personalities who change and will “change the word” - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_giao-gia_thu-cho-con_su-lung-tung-cua-bao-quyen.htm

55/ 09-19-2013, in “Reporting procedures of Religious Freedom and Belief Violations to the International Community, BPSOS denounce the recent bloodshed crackdowns happening to Cao Dai believers in TayNinh and Catholics in My Yen are serious violation of religious freedom - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ms_cach-thuc-bao-cao-vi-pham-tu-do-ton-giao-va-tin-nguong-voi-quoc-te.htm

56/ The People’s Democratic Party calls for the release of attorney Le QucQuan at the 20-02-2013 trial - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ddcnd_keu-goi-tra-tu-do-cho-ls-le-quoc-quan-nhan-phien-xu021013.htm

công an nhân dân việt nam đàn áp ngưòi biểu tình chống giặc tầu

57/ 09-23-2013,Women For Human Rights in Vietnam called for the release of prisoner of conscience Do Thi Minh Hanh - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_wfhrvn-keu-goi-tra-tu-do-cho-sv-do-thi-minh-hanh.htm

đỗ thị minh hạnh

Blogger Đỗ-thị Minh-Hạnh

58/ 09-25-2013, student Nguyen Phuong Uyen was assaulted, humiliated, injured at private parts in Noi Bai airport (Ha Noi) -

công an nhân dân việt nam đàn áp nguyễn phương uyên 

nguyễn phương uyên


lê quốc quyết

59/ 09-27-2013, pastore Nguyen trung Ton alerted that the security police has been causing troubles to the family of pastor Nguyen cong Chinh for three days from the 23rd to the25th - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_gia-dinh-muc-su-nguyen-trung-chinh-bi-gay-kho-de.htm

60/ 10-02-2013, the Hanoi court has just sentenced dissident lawyer Le Quoc Quan to 30 months in prison for tax evasion under Article 161 of the Penal Code - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_tong-hop-vu-xu-an-ls-le-quoc-quan.htm

công an nhân dân việt nam đàn áp người biểu tình ủng hộ luật sư lê quốc quân

61/ RFA broadcasted the news teacher Dinh dang Dinh is seriously ill in prison. October 2, the surgeon informed that DDDinh has gastric cancer and the condition has expanded to the lymph node. The deputy Director in charge of the Asia Human Rights Warch, Phil Robertson commented:

“The reason for the imprisonment of teacherDinh Dan Dinh and a 6 year sentencing was that he dared express his opinions that the Hanoi government does not wasn’t the people to know on the internet.”- http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_rfa_thay-giao-dinh-dang-dinh-bi-binh-nang-trong-tu.htm

đinh đăng định, rfa

Prof. Đinh Đăng Định. Screen capture


62/10-02-2013, the two female prisoners of conscience Do thi Minh Hanh and Mai thi Dung imprisoned at prison camp Z30A Xuan Loc have been transferred to the North in prison camp Thanh Xuan-Hanoi (section 3). Both are in serious condition while being transferred a nearly 2,000 kilometers.  In the case of Mai thi Dung she needs support in her displacement - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_tu-nhan-lt-do-thi-minh-hanh_va-mai-thi-dung-bi-chuyen-trai-ra-ha-noi.htm

63/ 07-10-2013, the police gang rape and murder Tran thi Hai Yen, a single woman detained (unjustifiable sentence, in the process of complaining) in the security police of TuyAn, Phu Yen province … An autopsy showed she had been sexual molested. Wounds appeared at lips, chest, thigh, forehead, cheeks, right side of head top, toes where there are scratches, bruises -

trần thị hải yến


64/ 10-11-2013, in prison camp Thanh Xuan (section 3) of Xuan Duong, ThanhOai-Hanoi, prisoner of conscience Do thi My Hanhrecounts the time she was transferred: “Do thi My Hanh and Mai thi Dung was transported in a “special barrel”, with both hands in handcuffs, feet chained, fainted several times during the long journey to the North” -

mai thị dung, đỗ thị minh hạnh


65/ 12-25-2013, the police continued to slap terrorist act upon Dinh Nguyen Kha, pressuring him to confess - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_dlb_thong-tin-them-ve-nhat-huy_nguyen-kha.htm

66/ 10-15-2013, in Mai Xuan Thuong garden in Hanoi, the security police repressed brutally the ethnic Mong - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_dlb_con-an-dan-ap-dan-toc-mong-o-ha-noi.htm

công an nhân dân việt nam đàn áp người Mông ở vườn hoa mai xuân thưởng

bộ nội vụ, ban tôn giáo chính phủ phổ biến văn thư đàn áp người Mông

Văn bản ra lịnh đàn áp người Mông của Cộng-sản Việt-Nam


67/ The editor Gia Minh of RFA alerted about the Vietnamese Communist regime’s policy of political revenge for “refusing to admit wrongdoing imposed by the government”. Following is the list of some political prisoners transferred to locations far away of the residency:

  1. Nguyen Van Hai Dieu Cay (Saigon) transferred to prison camp 6 Nghe An
  2. Nguyen Xuan Nghia (Hai Phong) transferred to prison camp 6 Nghe An
  3. Ta Phong Tan (Saigon) transferred to prison camp Ba Sao, ThanhHoa. In this case, the security police pressured blogger Ta Phong Tan’s mother to commit suicide then deported her to the North while the family was devastated by a dead mother and a brother in prison.
  4. Do Thi Minh Hanh(South) transferred to prison campThanh Xuan, ThanhOai, Hanoi.
  5. Cu Huy Ha Vu (Hanoi) transferred to prison camp 5, ThanhHoa.
  6. Nguyen kimNha’s family is not allow to visit him


68/ 10-27-2013, Senator Ngo Thanh Hai (Canada) sent a letter to Nguyen thi Kim Lien, blogger DinhNhatUy’s mother, expressing his admiration. He said Vietnamese overseas always think about you, and are always looking for ways to support the struggle for a quick success - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_tns_ngo-t-hai-goi-tho-den-ba-ntklien-me-cua-dnuy.htm

69/ The International PEN called for the immediate release of poet Nguyen HuuCau who got a for life imprisonment and this is also the top concern of the Organization of World Writers - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_vbqt-keu-goi-tra-tu-do-tuc-khac-cho-nt-nguyen-huu-cau.htm; Call for action for Vietnamese writer Nguyen Huu Cau - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_vbqt-keu-goi-tra-tu-do-tuc-khac-cho-nt-nguyen-huu-cau.htm

70/ 10-30-2013, a unjust trial occurred in the case of Doan Van Vuon suing the local government of Tien Lang -

nhà đoàn văn vươn bị phá


71/ During the period of 07 to 09/11/2013, the police PA38 repressed the location of Falun Gong practitioners in Hanoi… in less than 2 months, this students were repressed 4 times - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_plc_cong-an-dan-ap-phap-luan-cong-o-ha-noi.htm

72/ The police arrested and beat without cause the citizens right after Vietnam becomes a member of the UN Human Rights Council - http://danlambaovn.blogspot.nl/2013/11/cong-bat-nguoi-vo-co-va-anh-ap-nguoi.html#.UpsVVazLfCl;

trần quốc sơn



73/ Victims of injustice demonstrated in several locations reclaiming lands illegally grabbed by the Vietnamese Communist regime, 11-14-2013 is Van Giang, Dong Nai, 11/16-2013 is Duong Noi, 11-18-2013 is Ha Nam, Ba Ria - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_nn_ha-noi-bieu-tinh-cach-nhat.htm

74/ On 11-19-2013, in the conclusion of the investigative report about Blogger Truong duy Nhat, the security police department recommended prosecution on charges of “abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon state interests, organization and citizen’s rights and interests” as stipulated in Article 258 – Penal Code. On 12-19-2013, the Procurate has a ready indictment and would prosecute blogger Truong duyNhat in the coming days in Da Nang - http://danlambaovn.blogspot.com

75/ 11-24-2013, political prisoner and former ARVN officer First Lieutenant Bui dang Thuy died in prison camp Xuan Loc, Dong Nai after 17 years in captivity, and it is also 17years that political prisoner Bui Dang Thuy suffered  TB without treatment - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ntt_tuong-niem-tnct-bui-dang-thuy.htm 

76/ Appeal Letter sent to UN Human Rights Council - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_khang-thu-goi-ubnqlhq.htm

77/ Student Nguyen Phuong Uyen was expelled by Food Industry University - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_nguyen-phuong-uyen-bi-duoi-hoc.htm

78/ Network Blogger Vietnam/Nhatrang : the Blogger commemorate Human Rights International Day - http://www.vietnamdefence.info/lsvn_tocviet/mlb_sinh-hoat-nq-o-nha-trang.htm

79/ Network Blogger Vietnam/Hanoi released balloons to commemorated Human Rights International Day -  http://www.vietnamdefence.info/lsvn_tocviet/mlb_sinh-hoat-nq-o-ha-noi.htm

80/ Network Blogger Vietnam/Saigon commemorated  Human Rights International Day and its blogger was smeared with stinky shrimp paste - http://www.vietnamdefence.info/lsvn_tocviet/mlb_sinh-hoat-nq-o-sai-gon.htm

81/ Overseas Vietnamese demonstrated in Washington in support of Human Rights in Vietnam on 12-07-2013 - http://www.vietnamdefence.info/lsvn_tocviet/dau-tranh-cho-nqvn-o-htd-07122013.htm

82/ Vietnamese refugees demonstrated for International Human Rights in Frankfurt, Germany on 12-07-2013 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keDEtgwAEEY

83/ Video interview of Kim Lan(cancer patient), Ngo Hao’s wife (blogger with 15 years in prison sentence)! –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPPqFPNpfYg&feature=c4-overview&list=UUikBuQDhcIJ2y7-pFCTye2g ; http://vnwhr.net/2013/12/07/vo-ong-ngo-hao-nan-nhan-cua-su-vi-pham-nhan-quyen-nghiem-trong/


84/ Full Report on the Suppression of Bloggers Celebrating International Human Rights Day in Vietnam 10-12-2013 - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlyt_toa-an-hinh-su-qt-ve-vn-2013/tvbd_dlb_full-report-by-nvb.htm

85/ On 12-11-2013, the Vietnamese Communist’s security police and the intelligence agency went to Thailand with an arrest warrant to arrest 3 Vietnamese political refugees named Dang chi Hung (alias Pham manh Hung), Truong Quoc Huy and Le Van Quang - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_dlb_tin-cap-nhat-ve-dch-tqh-va-lvq.htm; http://www.machsong.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2766

86/ RFA interviewed Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang regarding the 3 Vietnamese arrested in Thailand - http://www.rfa.org/vietnamese/in_depth/3-vns-refugees-detained-in-thai-12192013163506.html

87/ Authorities remove traces of Monastery Redemptorist Thai Ha, Hanoi… This morning, on 04/12/2013, many police, civil defense and security with dedicated media flocked to the board of directors and gatekeepers Dong Da Hospital ( accounting for Hanoi Redemptorist hospital to hospital ) remove traces of Hanoi Redemptorist Monastery to " legalize " gradually lost trace remains of a Monastery… -

no encroach on religious land and asset

Police protected for religious institutions' demolition

Police protected for religious institutions' demolition


88/ The Network of Vietnamese Bloggers celebrated the Human Rights International Day in Vietnam on 12-08-2013 and was savagely beaten by the security police. And here is the video: the security police brutally beats individuals celebration Human Rights International Day - http://danlambaovn.blogspot.de/2013/12/video-ninh-anh-nguoi-tan-bao-trong-buoi.html#more

89/ Victim Nguyen Duc Quoc denounced acts of hooliganism – slander, illegal arrest of the criminal police, security police in Danang, Vietnam on 12-07 and 08/2013 - http://www.quansuvn.info/D_1-2_2-86_4-5187_15-2/

90/ According to Joint Circular No. 05-2013 between the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Security, the People’s Supreme Procurator, the Supreme People’s Court and the Ministry of National Defense, the Police of Vietnamese Communist regime has pressured two Phu Yen province’s doctors to inject lethal dose to criminal individual on 12-11-2012 - http://giaoduc.net.vn/Xa-hoi/Hai-bac-sy-o-Phu-Yen-phan-doi-bi-ep-lam-dao-phu-thay-cong-an/329423.gd

91/ Nghe An police beats and arrests the two soccer teams No-U FC Hoang Sa Hanoi and No-U FC Vinh - http://www.chuacuuthe.com/2013/12/nghe-an-cong-an-danh-dap-va-bat-bo-hai-doi-bong-no-u-fc-hoang-sa-ha-noi-va-no-u-fc-vinh/

92/ 12-15-2013, the police of airport Noi Bai, Hanoi hinders, harasses and assaults blogger Hu Vo Dao doan Trang to prevent him from going to Thailand … His relatives held up banners “We protest illegal arrest and damaging property of citizens”, “We request damage compensation”, “We request ticket reimbursement”. Airport guards ran out and jerk banners and numerous airport security in plain clothes sneak around to attack us - mangluoiblogger.blogspot.com/2013/12/tuong-thuat-cua-blogger-hu-vo-ao-trang.html

93/ Bloggers Prohibited to Exit the Country, Passports Seized - Following Vietnam's entry into the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for the 2014-2016 term, the Network of Vietnamese Bloggers issued an announcement, saying, “the Network of Vietnamese Bloggers will participate in and contribute to upholding core values in promoting and protecting human rights and respecting provisions that Vietnam has voluntarily committed itself to.” (1)... http://mangluoiblogger.blogspot.ch/2013/12/bloggers-prohibited-to-exit-country.html

94/ On 12-16-2013, victim Duong Van Cao (born 1990), a native of Dinh To (Nguyen Trai, Thuong Tin, Hanoi), was arrested without cause and after 3 days of brutal security police’s coercion, he was admitted in emergency to ThanhOai hospital -

dương văn cao


95/ Political Prisoners: Still locked after death – Former political prisoner Nguyen Bac Truyen reminds that from 2000 until to date, at least 10 political prisoners had died in prison camp Xuan Loc. The fate of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Vietnam – in the words of correspondent Truong Minh Duc – is “to have their illness prolonged and remained untreated until death” which causes concerns for the prisoners, from student Do Thi Minh Hanh, teach Ding Dang Dinh to the century-long prisoner Nguyen HuuCau.

According to former political prisoner Nguyen Bac Truyen, the behavior of the Vietnamese authorities is contrary to humane detention under the Convention on Civil and Political Rights, the Declaration of Human Rights, or the Convention against Torture of Prisoners or the UN Human Rights Council that Vietnam has joined.

III/ Recommendation for The United Nations Human Rights Council:

To immediately eject the Vietnamese Communist criminal syndicate from the Human Rights Council

Human Rights violations and weak economy do not warrant the participation of the Vietnamese Communist regime in the TPP trade agreement.

The United Nations should abolished the current Human Rights Council because it does not attain high efficiency in protecting human rights in the whole world. On the contrary, it is the forum that gives cover to countries that violate human rights like China, Vietnam, etc.

The members of the new United Nations Human Rights Council should be made up by members of NGO members, instead of members of a government.  In it, the organizations that fight for human rights would be the main force that promote and defend human rights in the world. If the United Nations succeeds in overhauling the infrastructure of the current Human Rights Council, the protection and the promotion of human rights in the world would attain the best and most efficient results.

To establish a United Nations permanent office in Vietnam, in charge of People’s Complaints, Human Rights and Political Prisoners. The function of this office is to receive forms submitted directly denouncing illegal governmental appropriation of private lands and violation of human rights by the government of the Vietnamese Communists. The office finalizes indictments, makes report to United Nations agencies in charge of torture, prisoners’ maltreatment, illegal appropriation of private lands, makes recommendation of appropriate punishment. Furthermore, this office is also is the agency that protects the related victims.

To impose severe sanction (such as in economic and financial areas) forcing the Vietnamese Communist regime to respect human rights before receiving aid or loans.

European Union, December 27-2013
Vietnamese historical Association


1/Report on human trafficking in 2013: Vietnam - http://vietnamhumanrightsdefenders.net/2013/06/29/bao-cao-ve-nan-buon-nguoi-nam-2013-viet-nam/ vàhttp://vietnam.usembassy.gov/tipreport2013-vietnam.html

2/ From Houston to Cyprus A Long Trip A Sentiment of Sympathy  - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_bpsos_tu-houston-den-cyprus.htm

3/ Proofs of Vietnam irresponsibility toward labor workers in foreign countries - http://www.camsa-coalition.org/vi/tin-tuc/250-bng-chng-v-s-thiu-trach-nhim-ca-nha-nc-vit-nam-i-vi-ngi-lao-ng-nc-ngoai

4/Nguyen Thu Tram/Burning an incense stick to comfort political prisoner Bui dang Thuy who just passes away in prison camp Xuan Loc - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_thu-vien-bo-de-online/tvbd_ntt_tuong-niem-tnct-bui-dang-thuy.htm

5/ Nomination of 2011 Candidate for Vietnam Human Rights - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_tintuc/decugianhanquyenvn2011.htm

6/ Open Letter to the United Nations and the Switzerland Government - http://www.quansuvn.info/D_1-2_2-177_4-2729_5-10_6-6_17-114_14-2_15-2/

7/ An Open Letter To UN November 11, 2011 - http://www.quansuvn.info/D_1-2_2-187_4-2668_5-10_6-1_17-250_14-2_15-2/

8/ The Internal PEN demands immediate and unconditional release of poet Nguyen Huu Cau - http://www.quansuvn.info/D_1-2_2-249_4-4840_5-10_6-5_17-105_14-2_15-2/

9/ Nguyen Thu Tram/ Please to Neglect century-long unbent prisoner Tran Tu - http://www.truclamyentu.info/tlls_trang_nguyen-thu-tram8406/nguyen-thu-tram_xin-dung-lang-quen-tnct-tran-tu.htm

10/ Working Group on Arbitrary Detention  http://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Detention/Pages/WGADIndex.aspx


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