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Liên-Thành | Re: Questions on RFA’s news reporter Penelope Faulkner (Y? Lan)’s

May 31th, 2013
To: Ms. Lippy Liu, President
Mr. Kha’nh Nguyễn, Director of  Vietnamese Service
Radio Free Asia
2025 M Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036 USA

From: Liên Thành, Former Commander of Police and Intelligence of Thua Thien-Hue Province, Vietnam
P.O. Box 6147, Fullerton, Ca. 92834
Telephone: 626-257-1057

Re: Questions on RFA’s news reporter Penelope Faulkner (Y? Lan)’s email/ letter dated Thu, May 30, 2013 at 11:34 am.
Dear Ms. Liu
Mr Kha’nh Nguyễn,

After reading reporter Penelope Faulkner (Y? Lan)’s email/ letter dated May 30, 2013 at 11:34 am  I would like to raise up to Ms. Lippy Liu, Mr. Khanh Nguyen and the public some questions and my opinions about the “remarks” in Mrs. Faulkner’s letter. If  possible, would you please help me forward this letter to her.   

Firstly, I would not like to send my mails directly to her because she is somewhat impolite. In her letter  responding to my allegations, Faulkner has definitely shown her excessive indecency and informality which should not be possessed by any person who has an average level of education, not to mention a member of a well-known news broadcasting agency like RFA. According to social conventions, a professional news agency, not a tabloid one or a group of vocal street fighters, then requirements for hospitality should be enforced and enriched much stronger than those in other organizations. A popular Vietnamese proverb says:” Smart birds sing sweet tunes; wise people speak decent, soothing and heartfelt wordings”. This standard should be more stringent for staff who interact(s) with public on the daily basis in a ỤS. federal-funded news broadcast agency like RFA. Concretely, Mrs. Faulkner mentioned about me:” By a certain Lien Thanh…whom I do not even know”. “They are not addressed to the letter’s author, who is unworthy of any reply” even though I signed my name in that questioning letter as I have always been responsible for my published materials by signing my legal name, phone number…as a former commander of police and intelligence of Thua Thien-Hue province in Vietnam to voice my concerns about reporter Faulkner’s issues of seriously political biases and conflicts of interest and provide my readers with CIA’s certified unclassified facts of Vietnam history which are mostly impossible to anybody to dispute. My former position of Police Chief of Thua Thien-Hue province in Vietnam during the Vietnam War will allow me to disclose to historians, researchers and to our fellow citizens inside and outside Vietnam many historical facts, evidences, and eye witnesses concerning the Struggle Movement of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (formerly known as Â’N QUANG Militant Monks Group) during the period of 1963 to April 30th, 1975.

Secondly, Mrs. Faulkner’s “remarks” are definitely irrelevant to “tons” of my evidences, photos and eye witnesses that Mr. Thi’ch Quảng Độsupported the Communists to fight head-on against the legitimate, elected government of the Republic of Vietnam during 1963-1975. And who can be assured 100% that  top leading monk Thi’ch Quảng Độ  has not been playing his other political role under other mask(s) at the present time? Please reference his recent letter months ago to the ỤS. Department of State “emphasizing” his Unified Buddist Church’s most important role in Vietnam, Indochina and beyond, etc. It is clearly that when“I questioned: chickens ???  then Mrs. Faulkner answered: ducks ???”. She has been totally lost her focus and comprehension in our discussed subject matters.

Thirdly, my opinion about reporter Faulkner of your agency RFA, are as follows:

Mrs Faulkner’s reports on other people besides Mr Thi’ch Quảng Độ cannot prove that she has not extensively brushed up Mr Quang Do. She has reported on “The Excellency” Thi’ch Quảng Độ of today, but she has never mentioned a single word about “The Worst” Thi’ch Quảng Độ of the past days who had strongly demanded “AMERICAN SOLDIERS MUST GO HOME, President Thieu has to step down, the government of Republic of Vietnam is not our government, the National Front of Liberation of South Vietnam is the only legitimate government of South Vietnamese People, we want to negotiate with Hanoi, etc.”.

I would like to ask Ms. Lippy Liu and Mr. Nguyễn Kha’nh a simple question: Should a monk or a religious Church, be  approved by social and religious conventions to negotiate with Communist Ha Noi, kick out American soldiers, burn military police’s jeeps, set fire on American Bureau of Culture and Information in Vietnam and pull down President Thieu “this year” and violently swear to fight head-on against the government of the Republic of Vietnam until his last strip of breath? 

I would like to ask Ms. Lippy Liu and Mr. Nguyễn Kha’nh: “Why did Mr. Thi’ch Quảng Độ and his Â’N QUANG militant monks group bring down holy Buddhist altars and use them to set up checkpoints on the streets in Saigon, in central Vietnam, on the First national highway, set up secret police checkpoints on rivers, close markets, block traffic on main national highways for months while the government of Republic of Vietnam had never violated its own Constitution and system of laws? Also, that government, a general elected government, which had never been “self-appointed” like the so-called “government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN) which is under strictest controls of the Communist Party of Vietnam” (CPV) that has been self-appointed and “tighly screwed down” their chairs to their inhuman positions by ARTICLE 4 of its “Newly Amended Constitution of 2013  ” to grant exclusive and utmost authorities to the “ALL-THREE-BRANCHES- IN-ONE” political authority of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN) under the leadership of the “THE SUMMIT OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE” (akạ 14 top members of the PoliBureau of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) who have sit on top of the Vietnamese People’s heads for over 40 years (“Communist Revolution” in Fall 1945 – 2013).

Have Mr. Thi’ch Quảng Độ’s lar protests against his own government and his own People who FED him daily been approved by his holy Buddhism and Buddhist faithful followers?  Has Mr. Quảng Độ been fully qualified to be a legitimate top representative of a big religious organization (UBCVN, formerly known as Â’N QUANG MILITANT MONKS GROUP), which for decades, forced different political authorities in Vietnam recognizing his organization as a “CHURCH” to be competitively matching with Roman Catholic Church in Vatican?

I would like to ask Ms Liu and Mr Nguyễn: Should Mr Quảng Độ’s above-mentioned efforts be proud to be THE UNIQUE, THE ONE-AND-ONLY REVOLUTION in the history of Buddhism and approved/ supported by the majority of honest Buddhists of Vietnam?  

I like to ask Ms Liu and Mr Nguyễn: Should Mr. Quảng Độ’s such massive violent operations/ unethical, untruthful political campaigns against the governments and the innocent People of  South Vietnam be socically accepted as ligitimate and ethical “struggles/ protests to protect the ideal of Oriental Ethics to fight back fierce attacks of the foreign political idieologies which have cruelly rotten our society and People”.

I like to ask Ms Liu and Mr Nguyễn: Should Mr. Quảng Độ’s illegal and highly organized violent acts/ operations/ unethical political campaigns be permitted by the Constitutions (1954 and 1967) and the System of Laws of the Republic of Vietnam so he and his subordinates can fight against the “religious discrimination” of the First and the Second governments of Republic of Vietnam?  

Mr Thi’ch Quảng Độ’s three above-mentioned statements have been broadcast via his speeches which have been posted in the International Bureau of Buddhist of Vietnam which is owned by Mr Võ Văn A’I (www.queme.net):

If RFA confirms Mr Quảng Độ’s above-mentioned highly organized operations/ campaigns were normal tasks of a top Buddhist monk and also of a religious Buddhist Church, then please feel free to allow RFA’s news reporter Penelope Faulkner to continue using RFA’s means (financed by U.S. taxpayers) to politically glorify and brush up Mr. Thi’ch Quảng Độ(’s image), her top political superior of  her UBCVN.   

My opinion about the photos that illustrate Mr Thi’ch Quảng Độ attended a conference at Gia’c Hoa pagoda, went out off  his “home-arrest/ home jail” (Thanh Minh Zen Monastery) to give money to people and went out to difference places: Unless Mrs. Faulkner is able to prove somebody fabricated those pictures using “photoshop” tactics/ technology then it has absolutely no chance that Mrs. Faulkner can assert that I, Liên Thành, “calumniate” Mr Quảng Độ. Mrs Faulkner’s other quotes that “several organizations confirm Mr Quảng Độ being under “house arrest” cannot be legally certified better than the authentic photos that I have posted. How do you, my respected readers, objectively think about Mr Quảng Độ’s “home arrest”?  

My last question to Mr Nguyễn Kha’nh and Mr Thi’ch Quảng Độ: A person (Mr Quảng Độ) has been able to live healthily and safely in Vietnam for some 90 years on the heroic backs of more than two hundred sixty thousand (260,000) soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam and more than fifty eight thousand (58,000) American soldiers, who had shed full of sweat, tears and blood, who then have finally sacrified their own valuable lives, killed by the Communists, and lied down permanently. Do you think Mr Thich Quảng Độ’s speech on January 18, 2010 on Quê Me. Magazine (www.quemẹnet) with his exactly word-by-word statement as follows be accepted by any average person who has a minimum level of ethical conscience:

“When everybody has been aware billions of US dollars had been poured out to FEED a machinery of nationalists against the Communists, to FEED millions of soldiers, police, secret agents against the Communists, with the extended helping hands of half a million American soldiers. What were these above-mentioned principal “reactors” able to achieve to protect South Vietnam?”

In short, the facts such as Mr Thi’ch Quảng Độ won this prize, that prize, recognized by this and that organization that Mrs Faulkner spent her free time at length to reiterate “her stories of polishing” in her “remarks” are definitely irrelevant to the shamefully naked facts that Mr Thi’ch Quảng Độ and his Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCVN, formerly known as Â’N QUANG Militant Monks Group) kicked out American soldiers (“AMERICAN SOLDIERS MUST GO HOME”), negotiated with Hanoi, shook hands with the National Front of Liberation of South Vietnam, fought until their last strips of breath to eliminate the elected government of South Vietnam, misused/ abused holy Buddhist altars to fight back the elected government of Republic of Vietnam, soaked up respected Venerable Thi’ch Quảng Đư’c’s buddhist robe with gasoline and cruelly burned him down to death. Also, Mrs Faulkner’s dishonest compliment on RFA “It is quite clear that by questioning RFA’s professionalism and circulating his accusations to such a wide audience on the Internet (in two languages, English and Vietnamese), Lien Thanh is deliberately aiming to undermine RFA’s international reputation and diminish its influence on Vietnamese opinion at home and abroad” and her wrongful accusation that I cooperated with Ha Noi to shut down Mr Thi’ch Quảng Độ’s voice are all impossible to enhance Mrs Faulkner’s tarnished unprofessional, dishonest and unethical image and freely gift her with political power.

What Faulkner can do and should do is proving to the knowledgable and responsible public that I, Liên Thành, calumniated her and Mr Quảng Độ, disminished  RFA’s reputation, cooperated with Hanoi is:


In general, Mrs Faulkner’s so-called “remarks” cannot be evaluated as assessments of a professional news reporter. Her rejection of the historic facts of unfortunately and politically oppressed 84.5 million Vietnamese who are currently under iron hands of the Communists cannot be successfully accomplished by calling me, the provider of historical evidences, a calumniator. She cannot and will not be able to legally prove I am a calumniator before any courts of laws. She uses her scornful language such as “A certain Lien Thanh that I even do now know his face…a person who does not deserve to receive any of my replies…”. Such of her counter-attack should belong to professionally paid street fighters. They should not be dishonest and unethical acts of  a news reporter who works for a respected popular radio/ web news broadcasting agency like RFA.  Such of her vocal libels and her repeatedly boring reiterations of compliments of the whole world concerning Mr Quảng Độ should not and will not automatically grant him ultimate rights to publicly libel the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces who had fought off the Communists by shedding their own heroic blood to protect HIM (Top monk Quảng Độ ) so he was able to play an extremely active leftist politician (For many decades, he has disguised skillfully and untruthfully as a Buddhist top religious leader) to deeply stab our Vietnamese brave and heroic soldiers in their backs and also tried to wipe off real clean whatever he and his Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCVN, formerly known as Â’N QUANG Buddhist militant monks group), have accomplished…REAL BIG to assist the Communists and spread out horrendous bloody executions across Vietnam and over sympathetic bodies of millions of innocent Vietnamese People for over a decade (1963- 30/4/1975).

Please be friendly reminded one simple thing: Even the national criminal/ traitor/ butcher of Vietnam, Lê Đư’c Thọ, was mistakenly trusted and awarded the world noblest “Nobel Peace Prize” then “The First Runner Up/ nominee, “Brightest” THI’CH QUẢNG ĐỘ”  should NOT be automatically and fully trusted and credited as a worthy final winner. “A single religious robe is never be able to certify its owner/ bearer an authentic monk”. “Patriotic King of today may instantly and deadly become atrocious Dictator of tomorrow”!

Sincerely yours,

Liên Thành

Former Commander of Police and Intelligence of Thua Thien-Hue Province, Vietnam

-  ỤS. Representatives: Rose Herrera (SJ-8), Mike Honda (CA-17),  Zoe Lofgren (CA-19), Dave  Cortese (SCC-3), and Jose Esteves (Major of Milpitas)
-  Communities of Vietnamese People inside and outside Vietnam
-  Media

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