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Call for rescue of mr Ngoc Tuan Huynh sent to human rights organizations

Tam Ky,  June 20th, 2011

My name is: Huynh Ngoc Tuan, residing at: District 16, Hoa Thuong Region,Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province.

In 1992, I sent my writing collection “Di Tan” (“Evacuation”) which included one novel and three short stories to the Voice of America (VOA) broadscasting services. Unfortunately, my mail was stopped and illegally opened by Vietnam Post Office sensorship.  They immediately arrested and sentenced me ten years in prison and four years probation. 

After I’ve served the sentence,  the local government continued to monitor me for four-year probation. During this time, they summoned me every month for interrogation about my activities. They forced me to plead guilty, which I’ve determined to defend my freedom of expressions and that I did not violate the law;  that the Vietnam government has violated Code 69 in the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and violated the international laws. 

The police continued to  seek ways and opportunities for revenge.  They terrorized my entire family. They forbid my son, Hieu  Trong Huynh, to take the entrance exam for 10th grade with the excuse that he was a couple months early. However, the following years, they continued to refuse him.

In May 2007 I joined Block 8406, a group of people who promote democracy and freedom of the people.   Quang Nam Provincial Police immediately called me up for interrogation for three consecutive days.

Early in 2008 I started writing for Danchimviet.com network (now danchimviet.info), an online oversea newspaper. In 2009, the government of Vietnam again interrogated me two times, in May and in July. Each time, the interrogation lasted three days.  They charged me of “propaganda against the State”.  I argued and defended myself against these the allegations.

During this time my daughter, Vy Thuc Huynh, also a writer for Dan Chim Viet, received the “invitation” from the police asking her to go to Tam Ky Town for questioning. We rejected this unreasonable request.  Three security personnels of the Quang Nam police (one named Dang Quang Thai,  one named Thuyet, and one unknown man who commanded the other two) came to my house for a recorded questioning. 

Recently, in June 2011, my daughter received another “invitation letter” asking her to go to Tam Phu town for questioning regarding her posts on danchimviet online newspaper and for boycotting the puppet “Vietnam Congress Election” on May 22, 2011. The people who came to my house to hand the “invitation letter”  look like four gangsters. We suspected this “invitation” might have a harmful motive to my daughter due to the following reasons:  the assistant deputy director Tam Ky Police, Senior Lieutenant-Colonel Huynh Long, signed the documents; the staff who would interrogate my daughter is a Quang Nam police named Truyen; and the interrogation location is theTam Phu townhall (a place unrelated and out of jurisdiction of my home town. In recent years, many deaths occurred in police stations and the victims died due to brutal tortures. Fearing for the security and the life of my daughter, I requested  the police officers to write their full names, ranking and positions during the interrogation as well as the location must be at the legitimate authority office of my home town.  

However, they did not answer my requests.

Our family is now living in constant anxiety of not knowing what will happen next or what tactics the police will play against our family.

We urge all Vietnamese and international human rights organizations, to help us speak out to protect my family, especially my two children, Thuc Vy Huynh and  Trong Hieu Huynh.  We urge you to pressure the government of Vietnam to stop all the harassment, intimidation, terrorism against our family. 

Thank you very much for your attention and support. 


Huynh Ngoc Tuan
Vy Huynh Thuc
Huynh Trong Hieu

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