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Common Declaration Regarding the Southeast Asia Sea of the Vietnamese In and Outside the Country For the Peace and Prosperity of the Region and the Whole World

United Nations, southeast asia sea

Please sign in support of the Common Declaration: Go Petition (Vietnamese); Go Petition (English)

To: UN, UN Human Rights Council, ASEAN, US State Department, EU Parliament, EU Council, UN Secretary General, International Criminal Court, Amnesty International, Vatican

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Peace and stability are the objectives that the United Nations have pledged to establish this Century.

Furthermore, in 2011, the United Nations have also marked the 30th anniversary of the publication of Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief”.

We believe that all members of the United Nations have the duty to pursue the common goals of peace, stability and social justice that this body has striven for.

However, in the past couple of decades, for economic development, the government of Chinese Communists has been following a policy of progressive occupation of the neighbouring regions that it alleges to be its land and sea territories. A typical instance is the region of the Southeast Asia Sea that it calls China Sea, which has caused confusion in the international opinion.

Therefore, for the last six months, Nguyen thai Hoc Foundation has lead a campaign seeking online signatures (http://www.change.org/petitions/change-the-name-south-china-sea-to-southeast-asia-sea) demanding the change in name from China Sea to Southeast Asia Sea. This campaign has gathered 49,436 signatures from different individuals residing in 100 countries all over the world. The purpose of this campaign aims at restating the sovereignty of Viet Nam over the sea regions in question.

Another member of the United Nations, the Vietnamese Communist government, has constantly and fragrantly violated human rights that the United Nations had defined.
For the above mentioned reasons, we state that:

The government of the First Republic of Vietnam had claimed its sovereignty over the Paracel Island when it dispatched the Marine Corps troops to occupy the island in 1959 and detained a number of Chinese Communist soldiers.

Under the government of the Second Republic of Viet Nam, on 01/09/1974, the Republic of Vietnam Navy reclaimed its sovereignty over the Paracel Islands when the Chinese Communist Navy invaded this island.

In 1988, the Vietnamese Communist Navy’s troops that were guarding the cross-shaped island belonging to the Paracel Island were attacked and killed by the Chinese Communist Navy.

These past and present acts of aggression of the Chinese Communist government have intensified, and it could constitute the fuse that ignites a war that will undermine the stability and the prosperity of the South East Pacific region in particular and of the whole world as a whole.

And the acts of human rights violation of the government of Vietnamese Communist have reached a critical level, severely affecting the life of the Vietnamese population; these acts have also spread in the region and created an oppressive ambiance which threatening the stability and the prosperity of the neighbouring people and the world.

Consequently, we, Vietnamese and our friends all over the world who love freedom, justice, peace and prosperity, solemnly declare that:

1/ We support non violent street demonstrations of the Vietnamese in and outside the country in protest of acts of aggression over the maritime territories of Viet Nam by the Chinese Communist government. Namely, in the country on 06/04, 12, 19, 25, 26, 07/03, 07/10, 07/17 and the coming days a street demonstration of the 21st century; in Los Angeles, USA 06/04, Germany 06/05, Norway 06/09, Australia 06/12, Holland 06/17, France 06/18, Massachusetts, USA 06/19, Canada 06/19, Lobbying at the French Parliament on 06/21, Cultural Parade in New York, USA from 06/22 to 24, France 06/24, Japan 06/25, Germany (Hamburg) 06/25, Washington DC 04/02 and Canberra, Australia  07/09/2011, France 07/11, Houston 07/12/2011.

2/ The acts of cutting the survey cables of the two Vietnamese ships Binh Minh 02 on 05/26/2011 and Viking 02 on 06/09/2011 constitute violations of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) by the Chinese Communists who are a permanent member of UN Security Council, violations of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC), signed between ASEAN and China in 2002.

3/ For many years, the Chinese Communist government constantly harassed, interdicted, looted, killed, threatened, blackmailed fishermen earning their living right in the sea territory of Viet Nam. Those are acts of sea piracy, not of a nation that respects international maritime law ().

4/ The collision of the two Vietnamese Communist government and Chinese Communists in bilateral dialogue in exclusion of the international opinion on the Southeast Asia Sea on 06/25/2011 in Beijing was entirely to the disadvantage of the population of Viet Nam and contributed to creating insecurity in that area, leading to a danger of war threatening the security of the region and the world.

5/ The Vietnamese Communist government accumulates human rights violations in contradiction with its promises to the international community and the United Nations; In the 2011 human rights report, the International Amnesty Organization expresses concerns regarding human rights in Viet Nam. Specifically, it had ruthlessly crushed non violent demonstrations of the population in the country on 06/04, 12, 19, 26 and 07/03/2011. Many demonstrators were arrested by force. It imprisoned Mr. Huu Cau Nguyen, Ms. Thanh Nghien Pham, Journalist Dieu Cay Van Hai Nguyen, Mr. Duc Hoi Vi, Lawyer Cong Dinh Le, Lawyer Ha Vu Cu Huy, Engineer Tien Trung Nguyen, Professor Minh Hoang Pham and arrested the political objectors like Reverend Monk Quang Do Thich, Priest Van Ly Nguyen, Doctor Dan Que Nguyen, Pastor Cong Chinh Nguyen and thousands of religious (Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Cao Dai, Hoa Hao …) and political prisoners since illegally taking control of the Republic of Viet Nam by military force on 04/30/1975 to this day, etc… And Mr.  Van Trai Nguyen died in prison Z30A Xuan Loc after being imprisoned for15 years, on 07/11/2011.

In recent days, the Vietnamese Communist government committed criminal acts against humanity when it used military force to break up the non violent demonstration of the H’Mong population that gathered about 5,000 people in Muong Nhe (Dien Bien Phu) on 04/30/2011. It used helicopters, infantry brigade in a Laos -Viet Nam combined operations- to suppress, causing hundreds of people wounded, arrested, missing, and 63 people were killed as reported by CCPA (Center for Public Policy Analysis http://www.cppa-dc.org/id67.html), and of HRW (http://www.hrw.org/en/news/2011/05/17/vietnam-investigate-crackdown-hmong-unrest)

In its most recent news dispatch, the German news agency DPA, announces today, 07/11/2011, that Mr. Phil Robertson, deputy director in charge of Asia of Human Rights Watch organization, criticized Viet Nam after the security force arrested at least 10 people who had participated in the demonstration in front of the Chinese Communist Embassy in Hanoi yesterday (07/11/2011).

Human Rights Watch representative, said: "the government of Viet Nam must respect international convention on fundamental rights of human being that it has signed on"
We appeal that:

1/ Every Vietnamese in and outside the country, regardless of political allegiance, should participate in supporting this petition addressed to the above mentioned international institutions.

2/ The United Nations Security Council impose sanctions on the Chinese Communist government in expelling its membership from the security council and replacing it with another nation that is responsible and respects international laws, as India for example (based on paragraph 2 and 3) does.

3/ The United Nations Security Council revokes the security council non permanent member status of Viet Nam due to its past and current violations of human rights and prosecutes the criminal acts against humanity of the Vietnamese Communist government at the International Criminal Court (based on paragraph 5).

4/ Elder wise men, intellectuals, spiritual and religious leaders and the entire Vietnamese population should increase pressure on the Vietnamese Communist government in demanding the Chinese Communist internationalize and pluralize the negotiations on the Southeast Asia Sea; as well as continuing non violent demonstrations in and outside the country in protest against the Chinese Communist government’s aggression acts and the Vietnamese Communist government’s assistance of these acts of aggression under various forms.

5/ The Vietnamese Communist government  should speed up the internalization and the multilateral participation of the dispute on the Southeast Asia Sea as well as claiming the sovereignty of land and sea territories to the international opinion toward the Chinese Communist government; also publicize all agreements struck with the Chinese Communist government, in particular the bilateral conference on 06/25/2011 in Beijing (based on paragraph 4).
Put an end to repression and immediately and unconditionally liberate all religious and political persons who are imprisoned because of their love for their country, of their defence of their faith and the integrity of the Vietnamese territories, and have been prosecuted, tortured, arrested, harassed cruelly, inhumanly and illegally by the Vietnamese Communist government.

6/ This Common Declaration on the Southeast Asia Sea will support the dossier that addresses the Vietnamese Communist government’s human rights violations submitted to the International Criminal Court in La Hayes. A copy of this dossier was sent in 2010.
It recommends the international criminal court to open an investigation of the crimes against humanity committed by the following individuals belonging to the Vietnamese Communist Party as well as to the socialist republic of Viet Nam: Minh Triet Nguyen, president, Phu Trong Nguyen, general secretary, Tan Dung Nguyen, prime minister of the socialist republic of Viet Nam, Quang Thanh Phung, defence minister, Hong Anh Le, security minister.

We also call upon the Interpol to issue an international arrest warrant of Minh Triet Nguyen, Phu Trong Nguyen, Tan Dung Nguyen, Quang Thanh Phung, Hong Anh Le for genocide and crimes against humanity.

7/ All people of different walks of life should assist in divulging and campaigning for the participation in this declaration among other international communities and involved communities such as Tibet, Falun Gong, Uighurs, etc.

We invite everybody to join their efforts for the sake of peace, prosperity of the region and the whole world to support and sign for this Common Declaration on the Southeast Asia Sea.
Best regards and thank you all.


The Facebook Media Group and Multi-networking Media Group

Please sign in support of the Common Declaration: Go Petition (Vietnamese) ; Go Petition (English)


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