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Chuyên mục Southeast Asia Sea được thành lập nhằm khẳng định chủ quyền biển Đông từ hơn 10 ngàn năm của dân tộc Việt-Nam.

Từ hơn 10 ngàn năm qua, dân tộc Việt-Nam đã sống với biển, gần biển. Đây là nền văn minh chói sáng của tộc Việt.

Tình cảm gắn bó giữa biển và con người Việt Nam đã có chiều dài hàng 10 ngàn năm và tình cảm này vĩnh viễn không thể nào chia cắt được cho dù trải qua nhiều sự thay đổi của lịch sử.

I love my Vietnam


Watch "American Exceptionalism: Dinesh D'Souza vs. Bill Ayers (Recorded Live)" on YouTube


Gary Tran

Dear All:

If you only want to watch only one single video on political matters this year,  watch this one about the debate between Bill Ayers  and Dinesh D'Souza on what is good or bad about the US, but mainly about American exceptionalism. 

If you wish to know why capitalism is so good and communism is so utterly bad, listen carefully to the solid arguments given by Dr. Dinesh D'Souza. This is also true about neo-communism which is just a few steps away from communism. The minute the neo-communists succeed in disarming the Americans and confiscate the 300,000,000 guns in their possession as they did it in Europe and Australia, we are there and doomed beyond recognition because the dictatorship of the stupids will be in full swing with Big Brother telling everybody what to do, how to behave, when to do it, and why everyone who is brainless and gutless must do so.                 

If you desire to know why I always said that far-left loons are stupid and conservative constitutionalists are smart and why the US is an exceptional democracy and the only force for good in the universe, weigh keenly the facts presented by these two debaters. It's so well articulated by Dr. D'Souza whereas you have to listen a few times to Bill Ayers to decipher his arguments, which are a litany of names of far-left loony birds, including his nihilist wife.

If you intend to know who to vote for this coming presidential election, for progressive liberalism (or neocommunism as I always called it because the adepts of Saul Alinski' s basically perverted precepts use similar tactics and strategies as the followers of Karl Marx-Wladimir Lenin's fundamentally flawed ideology) or for constitutional conservatism, analyze thoroughly the arguments presented by these 2 proponents of these 2 opposite political systems--a wealth-distributive system versus a wealth-creative system.

I have never heard or read such precise and concise or convincing and captivating explanation of these 2 ideologies in the context of American politics. Professor D'Souza was brilliant  with his presentation and he tore to pieces the incoherent and incomprehensible, if not inane and insane assertions of Professor Bill Ayers and he did not even use a prepared text to read from unlike his opponent.

If after you hear these two academicians cum political activists and still want to live, work, and play anywhere on the left side of ZERO, you must have a serious brain malfunction or worse, brain death that necessitates vigorous medical intervention.

You usually hear the raving and ranting about social injustice from the camp of the wealth distributors and the vehement clamor about personal liberty on the camp of the wealth builders. Dr. D'Souza injects his assertion of wealth creation, so unique to Americanism, that the far-left loons not only completely ignore, but do their utmost to perturb in their concerted efforts of achieving the utopian social justice that they could not define accurately to begin with, much less how to achieve it successfully, equitably, and efficiently. 

This is why if you introduce me to a country that espouses communism, I can tell you right away that it's a country where its citizens don't want to exist in except the power-hungry and human-rights-abusive commie partisan themselves. It's a non-transparent and unaccountable system of governance whose leaders are corrupt to the core. And of course, it's also a nation that cannot produce enough foods for its people to have a decent defecation, and worse, is not able to produce even the toilet paper to wipe their ass if they manage to have a dump every 3 days due to an empty belly. 

The reason for that is that the goddamn lefties are so deeply involved in slicing other people's pies to distribute to the free-loaders that they completely are clueless about making more pies, something that nobody wants to make any more. The end result is always economic stagnation and degradation, of popular deprivation and starvation. This is the 12-year period of "bao che" in Viet Nam after 1975 following the fall of Saigon. This is what happened to Greece's experience with socialism of recent past or right now in oil-rich Venezuela that is imploding after Obama's pal was flirting with distributive neo-communism.

By the way, in case you don't know, Bill Ayers was the founder of the Weathermen Underground, a nihilist or communist movement that bombed the Pentagon and the Capitol almost half a century ago. He was caught and tried, but released on a technicality. Some stupid justice! Had he done so in a communist country he would be shot without trial. If he did that in China, he would be shot and his organs would be harvested for sale to the highest bidders. And if he did that in North Korea, he would be shot with anti-aircraft machine gun at close range or worse, would be fed to starving Dobermans.

Dr. Dinesh D'Souza, a graduate from Dartmouth University, a Mecca of far-left loonism the like of Berkley or Cornel or Columbia or Harvard. He wrote a series of excellent political and biographical books and made a few good document movies. The ones that talk about Comrade Obama irked him so much that his Attorney General put him in jail for 8 months on a slight infraction of election  laws, despicable Soviet style abusive high-handedness. 

Pass this video on to as many people as you could to teach clueless people a thing or two about liberalism, progressivism, neocommunism, communism, conservatism, constitutionalism, Americanism because it is that good and that informative. In fact, watch other links of Dr. D'Souza's speeches, debates, and interviews where he is so persuasive, coherent, and convincing in defending creative conservatism.  In July, be sure to watch his mind-blowing and eye-opening movies on the Democratic Party. I watched a preview of this extremely well documented movies and was totally flabbergasted by the damning historical facts that nobody paid attention to. If you are a Democrat and watch this highly fact-filled movies then do not switch party or become independent, you don't have a heart. And if you are a Republican conservative and don't watch this history-based and greatly revealing movies about how to save our unique American way of life, you don 't have a mind.

As I am writing this email, the news on TV flashed that according to government statistics this past quarter the American economy created only ONE lousy job for 8,000 Americans under this wealth-destroying neocommie administration after incurring $13,000,000,000,000 national debt -- yes, trillion with a goddamn T. No wonder we are heading towards an imminent financial collapse of biblical proportion and yet there are people who still consider electing a goddamn communist disguised as socialist or a most crooked neocommunist who lied, cheated, and trashed the rules of laws repeatedly. It's unbelievable as to the degree of ignorance and cluelessness that is descending on the American political scene.

I cry for my country's bleak future and I mourn for my people's forlorn existence.

Ky Colonel Gary Tran.

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